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Mátyás Záborszky, author of Money Magnet Meditation and Abundance Imagination audios, has been reading self-development and business-related books since the age of 16.

He is highly commited to self-education and creativity. He generally interprets the operating mechanism of other people through his personal experiences and self-knowledge, which is in the very centre of his field of interests.

His main area of expertise is Holistic Enterpreneurship, of which he obtains an academic subject as well. He also teaches various subjects in Hungarian and English.
It is a priority for him in any case to create an innovative business structure that is simple, automated and the attitude of the people working in it effectively is just perfect for his costumers.

Besides managing his successful career in Hungary, he also operates in the US.


Our products

Money Magnet Meditation

Money Magnet Meditation is a scientifically grounded method that helped millions of people change their attitude towards money.

Abundance Imagination

With the help of Abundance Imagination you will be able to attract money into your life while at the same time creating infinite abundance, significantly changing your relationship with finances.